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Default Race relationships

Trying to figure out the new race relationships and how to manage keeping everyone happy and not blowing me up. Lately I was trying to go through the Firax quest line only to have the Tentaculons blow me to hell.

Far as I can tell the only thing I did wrong was complete 2 quests for the Firax, which I didn't realize would annoy the Tentaculons.

So any advice on how to keep this from happening as well as any other race combinations to be aware of? Is there any way to make one of these races happy without annoying the other one? In my current game I had both races at Loved status, then completed a quest for each one, and BOTH races deteriorated to only Friendly. So it looks like completing a quest for a race doesn't help your relationship as much as it annoys their enemy race... WTF? It also means it doesn't look like I can just alternate quests to keep both races from trying to kill me.
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