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Default Can you help me to understand FASCAM batteries better, please?

I have an ongoing campaign as Israel and one of my opponents is Jordan. Getting through the armor a Hussain III tank is very difficult, and none of the artillery that I have is able to get the job done. However, the armor penetration of FASCAM battery is good - the best that I have actually - but it is very costly: 518 points.

I have used FASCAM batteries on heavily armored tanks, namely Al-Hussain of the Jordanese Army, but I have scored no hits. Nothing has ever happened. The number of minelets is usually low and they do not hit anything, and I can honestly say that I have wasted every point that I have ever used on FASCAM batteries. And we are talking about over 1000 points.

The question is that should I continue trying to take out Hussain IIIs with direct hits of FASCAM or should I just use them for mining purposes without trying to hit anyone?
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