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Default Re: Blitznoth - Highways & Strongholds

Originally Posted by Sombre View Post
I don't get it. Why not be confused by the province count?
It's "do not be deceived" not "do not be confused". You can be confused if you want to be.

Calchet hit the nail on the head. Many of the provinces provide little of value to control on their own and yet have some value if large swaths can be grabbed and held. The large stretches of barren plains and the highways can also provide another obstacle to be considered in terms of supply and distance.

This map certainly won't be for everyone. It is the result of an experiment. I have only played a single game on it and found it entertaining, so thought I'd share it. It would have been even more entertaining if the custom battle maps had worked out as I had hoped. Since they did not, I stripped them out.
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