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Default Re: Install Problem, no. Probably graphic card conflict

I checked for updated Win 10/64 drivers for both and installed them, makes no difference. It appears to be a conflict between the game, the NVidia GEForce GTX 1650 and the monitor. Since I used the LG monitor on my old pc with an older Radeon graphic card I don't believe it is that.

To be sure I copied the installation folder onto a jump drive, was able to run the game on my laptop at Windowed Desktop setting with no problem, it ran at 1920x1080 display setting ok. So I guess if I want to play the game I will use that method for now.

I have only installed a few games onto the new pc so wondering what other games may have problems with the GTX. May have to consider going back to my old Radeon in the new pc if it affects too many games.
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