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Default Re: A new crash

Originally Posted by Soyweiser View Post
It is an error message. Even when in english it is hard.

Also, how long has your game been running (two turns, ten turns, 303 years).
Year 12.

Is it MP/SP, which versions of the mods are you using?
SP, Better Independents is 2.1, Endgame diversity doesn't show a version #.

Did you buy the game or pirate it? (Copy protection issues will not be supported ).

What version of the game are you running?
Version 3.26.

Etc. (Look, when I ask for more information, I really appreciate if you give it to me. You didn't even answer half the questions I asked).
I thought I answered them all.

Did you already search the forum for this error message? Google?
Google returns this thread only.

Run the game using the debug flags. What lnr is the error message talking about? (And is this the only information the error message gives or is there also a number behind the lnr).
There's no number. Here's the last lines of the debug log:

Udum'ukinna (str1093) attacking Rim Mountains (str312) (good 218)
Etimmu (str586) attacking Rim Mountains (str312) (good 20)
Ishu'kallu tag (good 1)
Kush'nah tag (good 95)
createslist lnr 420
createslist lnr 289
NĂ¥got gick fel!
lic: bad lnr
mem ok
freeing old texobjs
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