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Default Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

Here's a quick precis I just wrote:'

Each SP1 Campaign is made up of multiple files:

The DAT files are essentially scenario files; but with the player's side OOB blank; making it impossible to convert directly as-is.

The campaign files are laid out as follows:



X is the campaign letter. Theoretically, you could have up to 26 campaigns in SP1; but neither SSI nor Novastar ever went that high.


Y is the scenario letter. This means that apparently the maximum number of scenarios in a campaign in SP1 is 26.


CAMPGA.DAT and it's associated text files (see below) are related to the seventh (G) campaign, first battle (A).

A campaign has several text files attached to it; with the following syntax:

IN : Intro text.
MV: Marginal Victory Text
ML: Marginal Loss Text
LO : Losing text

To convert; you have to rename the CAMP_X_Y.dat files to more conventional SCENxxx.dat files; so that they can be opened in the SP1 in-game editor.

E.g; you rename them as:


In order to successfully dump/convert these files with SP1toWW2.EXE; you need to open them up in SP1's in-game editor, hit the BUY button for PLAYER 1; add a few random units; then SAVE the scenario again.

The re-saved SCEN file will now successfully show up and be convertable/dumpable in SP1TOWW2.EXE.
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