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Default Re: Forgetting province names?!

Originally Posted by Ed Kolis View Post
I just find it bizarre that something such as the name of a province, which (a) never changes, (b) is useful for planning and diplomatic purposes, and (c) is useless for getting an in-game advantage over another player, disappears! The province ID still stays, so I suppose I could make a spreadsheet with the names and ID's of all the provinces, in case in multiplayer someone asks me to attack Arcoscephale, and I can't remember which province that is - but it would be much simpler if the game simply didn't clear the province names to begin with!
It's very useful. Among other things, if you can see the province names immediately you know where all capitals are in some cases - which means that people with less than ideal capital locations are immediately easy prey. Keeping the names hidden until the information is gained fixes that problem.
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