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Default Re: Any progress?

Unfortunately the game is pretty much, well, to be generous, on indefinite hold... I'll try and explain below...

In January of 2011, I started a new job, and around that time development really started to slow down. Not only did we have no one spending much time on the game, since everyone involved was working during the week, but the codebase had grown so big and complicated that with so little time to work on the game, there was no way we could even plan fixing bugs and adding features with any sort of accuracy.

Now don't get me wrong, we really had accomplished a lot, and we probably could have slogged through finished the game by now had we had the time to work on it - but with such a massive codebase, it took huge amounts of effort just to find out what was wrong with something, and we simply didn't have the time to spend on that sort of thing!

After a few months of inactivity, we decided that if we wanted to get anything done, it might be best to start from scratch with a better design. That might have been a mistake, but on the other hand, what else was there to do? At this point there were really only two people still interested in working on the game: Ken (Urendi Maleldil) and Thomas (Mohs). I was no longer involved, though I stayed in touch with the two of them, albeit infrequently. They started working on some sort of PHP-based game, as opposed to the C#-based game we'd previously been developing. But this didn't go all that well, either, as when I spoke with Ken last week and asked him what ever happened to the game, he told me that they had pretty much given up on it.

I'm really sorry to have to report this bad news, but we've been hiding it long enough; you guys deserve an update! I still have a version of the C# code, though; I'd really like to get it released as open source or something so at least folks who do have time can pick it up again and try and muddle through it! (Heck, I might do it again, since I've been out of work again for a while! Yeah, I'm basically unemployable... being a terrorist-fetishist does that to ya :P)

Of course, before I release anything, I'll want to talk it over with Ken and with someone at Shrapnel - I don't want to get sued for leaking it or anything! Well, I personally never signed any contract with anyone not to dump the code out there, but I don't want Ken to get in hot water either, or get Shrapnel mad at me!
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