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Default Re: Any progress?

For those of you who were following Star Legacy, Nick Dumas (Suicide Junkie) and I have been working on a new project called Event Horizon 2. We'd previously made a simple 4X game called Event Horizon - you can check it out on my website at - and now we're working on a much more detailed sequel! We've taken what we learned from working on Event Horizon, Star Legacy, Vector Tactics, and the abandoned THANCS project, and we're building this one from the base of ship design and tactical combat, instead of starting with a grand strategy game and shoehorning combat in later like we tried to do with Star Legacy. This way we get a playable game sooner - we've already got a ship designer, and we've almost reached the point of having a functional tactical combat game! There are a few screenshots available at the bottom of the page I linked earlier, and there are a few more over on Nick's website:
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