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Default Scenario 391 map issues

I am on a Discord channel for Steel Panthers and someone asked some questions about a scenario they were playing. When I looked into the scenario I found these map discrepancies:

11,28 should connect to either (10,28 or 12,27)
8,39, 8,45, 49,194 missing a paved road hex
92,1 has a single stream (maybe its suppose to be there it just looks weird)
90,59 reports a paved road but there is a stream hex and no bridge and looks awful (should have a stone bridge)
80,68 and 90,68 reports a paved road but there is a stream running along those hex grids and looks silly (should have a stone bridge)
97,137 paved road looks like a possible mistake, perhaps erase 97,136 and redraw a correct connecting paved road
127,140 paved road looks like a possible mistake, same as above
117,90 has two roads that just terminate and looks silly (116,90 and 117,89)
110,67 reports a stream (-2) but has a paved road (should be a stone bridge I would think)
108,70 and 109,70 are missing paved roads
106,67 is open ground but looks like it should be part of the stream
118,33, 119,34 and 118,34 paved roads overlap the multi-hex wooden building and look silly
119,32 paved road overlaps the wood building and looks odd
142,1 is open ground but the paved road looks like it should have extended to that hex
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