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Default The State of World Supremacy

I bought this game the day it came out based solely on Aaron's reputation.

I love the fact of how moddable it is, smooth UI, random maps, etc.

There is no point in sending you a screen shot, save game file, etc.

I have tried and tried, but the AI is clueless when it comes to building and defending its territories. It builds 9 useless buildings on the border with me instead of units.

How difficult could it be to code in some logical building priorities for the AI?

Worse case, how hard could it be to program a "tank rush" strategy for the AI?

These two things alone might give me a challenging game. Why don't you just release the code and less us try it?

I don't need to tell you how many great games I could have bought during the Steam and GamersGate holiday sales with the $30 I spent on this game. Let's see...the entire HOI3 and Europa Universalis collection, to start with.

I read somewhere there is a new Space Empires game of some sort in development. If said developer is involved, there is zero chance I buy.

I've been playing computer games since late 1980s and still enjoy Dominions 3. That is quite a compliment considering how dated the game is - but support is legendary.

Ever hear of Empires of Steel at Battlefront? Brit, the developer, probably didn't make much more than you. But I have never seen a more responsive developer ever. The guy was nearly broke and he kept coding.

Off-topic, but you need to line up some decent titles. "Bronze" is not going to do it for you.
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