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Default Re: Issues in Scn 21 Jadgtigers in the West

1 / Fixed

2/ The problem with those is the scenario is too short to allow the AI to plot the level bombers with the games built-in delay for level bombers. With the delay, by the time the AI decides what to attack with the delay added the game is over. At best on a "good day" the strike *might* arrive on the last turn but the simulation I ran showed the AI was on an 8 turn countdown to the B-26 airstrike on turn 10 of a 14 turn game so my choices are give it a predetermined target or change the Level bombers to Fighter bombers and that shortens the call in to attack delay keeping the attack in the AI's hand. EDIT.. found the perfect solution. French Personal of RAF No. 342 Squadron operated Douglas A-20C Havocs and those Havocs in the Brit OOB are ground attack and now there are French versions in the French OOB as FB so the delay for FB is manageable for the AI in a 14 turn game.

3 / Fixed. The photo is a Baltimore and the OOB that has evolved since that scenario was built does not have B-25's in French service ( I'm looking into that. It appears they did....) but it does have Baltimores so now they are correctly Baltimores and they DID have pre-planned targets and still do

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