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Default Hi & thanks from Digital Eel

Hey guys

First, sorry this update is so late. We've been waiting and checking the status of the game too. Don't be hard on Shrapnel. It costs a lot, thousands of dollars, to manufacture a boardgame like EED and when that expense is out of pocket just the events of life can prevent you from having enough money and doing some of the things you'd like to do!

This may have been mentioned before, but the main thing is that no one wanted to release a so-so version of the game. EED is worth a bit of production so waiting for the right time was a necessity --if EED was going to be a thing of worth and quality. And no less, say both Shrapnel Games and Digital Eel.

So for practical reasons EED is currently shelved. Meanwhile other plans are afoot so watch the Digital Eel site for further announcements (and there's new boardgame stuff there too). We've got a couple of neat new projects going so hang tight for a while and stay in touch.

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm, everyone & happy gaming!

Rich & the Eel gang
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