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Default Re: Hi & thanks from Digital Eel

I'm still trying to get a refund from Shrapnel for my pre-order of the game in 2007. No luck so far, and the last message I sent through customer support a few days ago was answered with a copy of my order my 2007, saying that it had been completed (I ordered it with 2 other games, which I did get), but no mention of a refund. It seems that they didn't even read the message.

Judith Krauss
This was the message I left (which my address deleted in this copy, for privacy's sake****):

Now that you have officially cancelled the Eat Electric Death game,
can I finally have a refund for pre-ordering it?
I paid $32.95 + P&H on Dec 12, 2007, and I have called a couple of years ago about it and was told that the game would be coming out. I want my money back (plus postage). See the attachment for a copy of my proof of purchase invoice. I no longer have that credit card, so please send the refund to me at the following address:
Judith Krauss, ****

Here is how they replied (with my email address deleted in this copy, for privacy's sake****):

Gamers Front Online Order # TGF85547 has been shipped Tuesday, October 16, 2012 8:25 AM

From: ""

You have received this notification from the Gamers Front because you made a purchase, are a registered user, or you or some other registered user requested some information for you from our store.

Dear Judith,

Your order has been shipped.

Order Date: 12-03-2007 14:55:07
Order No.: TGF85547

Customer Rewards
Points Earned: 0
Points Applied: 0
Total Points: 0

Products Ordered:

SKU: 42210
Product: Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (Windows/Mac Safe Box Version)
Quantity: 1
Item price: $24.95
SKU: 09488
Product: Eat Electric Death!
Quantity: 1
Item price: $32.95
SKU: 12010
Product: Salvo! v1.5 (Windows/Mac Safe Box Version)
Quantity: 1
Item price: $39.95

Subtotal: $97.85

Points Discount: $0.00

Shipping cost: $12.81

Total: $110.66

The Gamers Front Staff

Gamers Front
8254-109 Market St. #190
Wilmington, North Carolina 28411
United States

Phone: 1-910-604-3591
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