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Default Re: Question about map height levels

Originally Posted by Marek_Tucan View Post
To put it simply: Hill height on the map means EXACTLY as many meters, as you like
When building my maps, I usually tend to maintain "Each height level = 20 meters". Works pretty well in creating realistic lines of sight.
I use often the fact that height "+4" or "-4" creates cover (atleast on level ground) to make sunken/raised roads etc.
Other than that, as I said, one hill level (ie height 10) is anything you like it to be.
Exactly - the original game was restricted to just 3 (three) hill levels after all. So you could have low (10 units), medium (20) and high (30 units) hills is all.

We made it 15 levels to make the choice a bit more 'realistic', but the elevation model is still nothing to do with real maps, but then - neither are hexes. However 15 levels makes it easier to give the impression of more rugged terrain than just 3 levels (which looked more like the old way of wargames tables with hills made out of a few bits of painted plywood to put your 25mm, 15mm or 1/300 model soldiers on).

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