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Default US OOB artillery weapon observations

This won't fully conform to the error reporting procedure, as I don't have access to the game right now, and I do not remember the weapon numbers off the top of my head, but here goes:

US OOB 12 weapon [M201 203mm howitzer] has AP:Pen and AP:Kill values (eg. cluster munitions), but no unit has AP/Cluster ammo.

Values for AP:P and AP:K seem to be similar for figures used in version 6.0 (comparing with M198 155mm weapon), and have not been reduced for version 7.0. Possibly just bring the Pen and Kill values in line with the current approximation of CM effects, as some players (who, me?) might want to mod CM ammo for 8in Batteries or M110A2s.


US OOB 12 weapon [M119 105mm howitzer] does NOT have AP:Pen and AP:Kill values (eg. cluster munitions).

This weapon has cluster munition projectiles available, but not represented in the game, such as the M444 APICM projectile:
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