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Default Re: AATF etc. High CPU usage and temperatures


First, thank you for purchasing our games. I hope you are enjoying them.

While these games are not that graphically intensive (in fact, they are a bit retro), they are very computationally intensive. This is not a hex-based boardgame port. These games use real terrain databases and complex siting and AI algorithms to replicate the real battlefield. In addition, the game scales itself to your system. So, the more powerful your computer, the more resources the game uses to improve the fidelity of the simulation. So, no matter how powerful your system, the games will attempt to max their computational capabilities.

That having been said, the games are completely safe to run on your system. They should not overheat your CPU. But if you are concerned, you can open task manager while the game is running and reduce the priority level of the game to "low." This will cause the game to "see" less of your resources and demand less from your system.

I hope this answers your questions. If you need more specific info, feel free to contact us at

Thanks. And enjoy the games!
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