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Default Re: Finnish OOB 8.0

Continuing with XA-361, I have found no proof that Finland had any STRIX ammunition for AMOS or 120mm regular mortars. There are some Spanish made MAT-120 cluster munitions bought by Finland before their production was ceased and STRIX has been stated by FDF as compatible and as an option to be used. It is most probable that at an emerging conflict Finland would buy them from Sweden but currently there are no such ammunition in storage.

This also solves the problem of having a direct firing STRIX unit if dual purpose unit is created for human players.

XA-361-AMOS has currently the same armor values as Patria AMV even though the AMV is in IFV configuration and most probably way ahead of AMOS protection levels.
"Panssarointi ja nbc-suojaus suojaavat käsiaseilta ja kaasuilta" => "Armor and NBC protection protects (sic) from hand guns and gases"

By the sheer weight the AMOS without the tower is 2.5 metric tons lighter than AMV, most probably due to lighter armor.

Remove unit 336.
Modify units 335, 348, (999)
Armor as in XA-203 or -185.