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Default Re: Amphibious Reinforcements

Originally Posted by ScottWAR View Post
Can we adjust the availability of amphibious units in the XML files, or are we stuck with the original games reinforcement tendencies?
Yes. You can add amphibs directly to the OOB for each side if you wish, including scheduling the turn of arrival. To control replacment units, the game is divided into 4 Phases for each side. Amphibious unit replacement depends on the current phase. Whenever an amphib unit is "consumed" (used in an invasion or sunk), a replacement will be scheduled if the total number in play (active or already scheduled) is less than the max for the current phase:

Phase 1 - 0 amphibs
Phase 2 - 1 amphib max
Phase 3 and 4 - 2 amphibs max

Phase 1 - 4 max
Phase 2 - 3 max
Phase 3 - 2 max
Phase 4 - 1 max

In the XML file as part of the game node are these attributes:

JapanesePhase1Turn = "4"
JapanesePhase2Turn ="12"
JapanesePahse3Turn ="24"

The numbers are the turn that the phase ends, so for the standard game (above), Japanese Phase 1 lasts from turn 1 throught turn 3. Phase 2 lasts from turn 4 through turn 11, Phase 3 lasts from 12 through 23, and phase 4 lasts from turn 24 to the end.


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