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Default Re: Divine Right 2

Thanks everyone.

I have posted on mediafire, a zip file with the .map and art file. I also have posted a .map file with the fix to province 39 and 36 thanks Humakty for pointing it out.
I am proud of the naming as I worked hard to make it thematic. Most nations I used what mythical names I could. With Ulm I did not use German myth because it is just too close to Norse so I used Tolkien instead. Abysia I just made up myself but I think the evil names fit very well.
I wish I could say I set specific troops in provinces but I have not been brave enough to try that yet.
Honestly I have not played enough to games to judge the "seaport" idea but I would defer to your experience. I wanted the caves as a way to help move troops fast but I see that having the caves also set as mountains slows down the troop movement through the Argatha area. Should I change them to border mountains? I also see a lot of nations have the same terrain to a greater extent then I had intended. I will have to mix it up more in the next map. Oh I also want to know if people like the global projection or would prefer a rectangular map?
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