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Default Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

I've been distracted the last couple of days working on recreating the old Wargamer Scenario Depot (where I could) -- and I've realized something.

The SPCAMO team needs to be commended for their persistent support of the scenario community over the last 20 years.

By that, I mean you guys have taken the quality scenarios posted here (something better than "lol I have 500 king tigers fighting it out with 500 Pershings roflmao") and incorporated them in each patch, and kept them up to date with the slowly evolving OOBs; preventing them from being "lost" over the years as websites die or crash.

I only just found out that (The Scenario Depot II) disappeared sometime about two years ago, taking with it an untold amount of CMx1 (CMBO, CMBB, CMAK) scenarios; and that people are actually being directed to my website when they ask "Hey, what happened to all the Combat Mission scenarios" -- it turns out that my website is the last "easily accessible" CMx1 depot left
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