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Default Re: WinSPWW2 And WinSPMBT Primed For Windows 7!

A "perfect storm" situation occurred

We had already decided to build and issue a consolidation patch for both games early last summer to simplify the upgrade from V1 procedure when it was discovered during a stock audit that , co-incidentally, the physical CD stocks of both games was getting low and there would need be a new order for them placed probably near the end of the summer

After long discussion is was decided that this was the perfect time to upgrade everything to the current versions rather than just issue consolidation patches and re-stamp the CD's that needed to be re-ordered with V1 of both games. Since sales for both games differ and they were issued a year apart there had never been a time when BOTH games need to be re-ordered at the same time before and this is why the new CD's have the latest version instead of V1. If you own V1 installing the consolidation patch will bring that version to current levels.

FYI the next patch for both games will be issued next week and that patch will be applied AFTER the consolidation patch but if you own the "new" CD version all you need to do is install the new patch when it is issued..... you DO NOT need to install the consolidation patch into a newly issued CD version of the game.

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