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Default Re: Dispel

Someone can confirm or correct me on this, but I understand that ritual casting sequence is randomized, specifically either from lowest to highest unit ID or highest to lowest unit ID randomly.

If you want to overwrite a global, it's far more efficent to just cast the global with extra gems and hope it has enough gem power to overwrite the randomly choosen existing global. (The global effectively dispels for you if you overpower an existing global, saving a lot of gems, even without the casting order problem)

Also assuming you can potentially cast wish, each pearl is worth 2 of any gem. Even if you can't cast wish, in a MP games wish capable players will jump on offers of say 1 pearl : 1.5 any gem trades for example (strategic consideration aside). so dispel is highly inefficient since it uses pearl, you're better off pumping extra gems into your global to increase its chance to overwrite.
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