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Default Re: Tell us a little bit more about yourself.. :-)

I haven't seen one of these threads here before... I wonder if it will be moved to Shrapnel General or something.

Any way, I'm a male Finn, currently 18 years old. I live in the Eastern Finland, in an area that is mostly forest. I live 50 km from Kitee, and few hundred kilometers from the city of Joensuu that is named after me. I had my final exams this spring. I have known Illwinter for a long time, from since the whole company was Bogus. Bogus Game Design, that is. I never bought Conquest of Elysium 2, and couldn't order Dom:PPP, so I waited for a long time. I used to read awfully lot of fantasy literature, but haven't read any actual classic literature. For the last 3-4 years, I have started spending more and more time on my computer, and started a form of martial arts to keep fit. I would like to do or learn multitude of things, including pen&paper roleplaying, LARP, classical (sport) fencing, historical fencing, actually hit things with my sling, fight with a quarterstaff, draw, play an instrument (something simple like a recorder would do), do something serious with my computer, speak Latin etc. I know some Java, I can take a computer apart and can usually put it together, I don't listen to much music, drink, smoke or go out more than few times a week, and I've started dabbling in 3d-graphics via free Blender3d. I have completed ADOM once. Other keywords: Mount&Blade, Dominions, Planescape: Torment, Betrayal at Krondor, (Linley's) Dungeon Crawl, old games (X-COM, Ur-Quan Masters, original PoP, MoM, UltIV), (Disney's) The Gargoyles,

Finally, too many words about my final exams. Even if this will at least double the length of this message, I've been wanting to write this stuff for a long time, and it will probably fit this thread the best. The grades are I, A, C, M, E, L from latin words (improbatur, approbatur, cum laude... laudatur). I means failure, and L a near-perfect score that is usually calculated to be 5% of all the gymnasium-graduating Finns of the year. I got C from Finnish and Mathematics , M in Philosophy and Swedish, and an L from English. About these:

Finnish, C: I wrote two essays; one too short, the second so long I didn't properly finish it. Why do we have to re-write everything with pens and not pencils, again? I have done much better earlier, and especially my last essay before the final two was very good.
Mathematics, C: The maths I wrote was the kind of maths which has derivation, integral calculations, vectors in three-dimensional space etc. It is hard, so I'm happy with my C.
Philosophy, M: I belonged to the first group that could write philosophy on its own, and I didn't take it very seriously. I didn't get the points from the 'Define philosophy in few words and examine your definition' answer that was along the lines of 'Philosophy is maths - in closer examination, it isn't.' On the other hand, my longer definition and examination brought full points, and I got 7 points from the extra-hard 9-point question.
Swedish, M: I had hard time in Swedish for a long time, but I got much better in it during the last year. I was 4 points short of E, and that makes me very proud. Jag kan inte tala mycket svenska, men jag kan skriva de här orden och säga, att Illwinter är det bästa!
English, L: As far as the English goes... I wrote an English essay, re-read it, realized it was too far removed from the original title, and re-wrote it in a bit of a hurry. I got 97 points from the re-write. I'm that good, I'm very proud of it, and you are one of the reasons I am so good at English. Fun fact: I can't speak or pronounce English.
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