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Default Re: Introduce yourself!! :-)

I'm 17 years old, male and live in Finland and more accurately in a puny city/town called Lahti. I go to the second grade of senior high school or gymnasium as it goes somewhat unaccurately translated

I read fantasy books, but since the school is the priority now I have left it for the summer vacation. (2 days more school left) I play tradiotional RPG's with and without a spesific rule system. Now I've found the "realistic" systems to be very cumbersome and use light or no system. Systems that I have used: GURPS, WOD, Praedor and some nicer freeware systems.

As for computer games I mostly play strategy games since I haven't found as much fullfilment in the computer RPG's than in the traditional ones. Some games: Dom: PPP, ADOM, Rome and Medieval Total War, SPWAW, Europa Universalis II, Fallout and Sid's Alpha Centauri.

I've LARPed (don't know the correct verb ) and been interested and have done things that closely relate to it for several years (archery, costume making, fencing etc.) But mostly I just participate games. It may seem as a very silly hobby but it's actually entertaining even on deeper levels.

I'm interested in history of all ages and especially in the era from the Renaissance to the Imperialism. But the most interesting matters to me are philosophy and social studies. I have very strong political opinions, which I don't want to go them through here to avoid quarrels. And I listen to classical/historical music.

I tried to avoid the picture of being self-centered, but I guess I botched.
Don't ask about the name. It is a weird outcome of several hours of thinking. It's finnish anyway.
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