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Default Re: Commonwealth CS thanks and smoke

Originally Posted by Kiwikkiwik View Post
Ridicule me as much as you like, you are missing an major opportunity to make the game more interesting.
More interesting in what weird sort of way?

As usual - if you want to make your own custom OB with CS tanks having absolutely no assigned AP or HE, and so just the random dole out of smoke for thier unit class - go ahead. Feel free to put them in the mods forum when you are done.

(I may take the AP and replace with HE in the UK and CW OOBS as the HE ammo is quite frankly more useful in-game than those patetic few weak shots of AP. And then of course, some other rivet-counter will turn up a few yeas later and state that they had an SAP round for these things and why dont you have them in the orbat..)
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