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Exclamation Re: Ammunition discrepancies

Originally Posted by Kiwikkiwik View Post
Same reference gives UK unit 47, 'Sexton' a regulation standard ammunition loadout of 87 HE or Smoke and 18 AP, so 105. Game has just 98 HE. In game Canadian sexton gets 105 HE, 7 sabot, No AP.
Another lovely mix of correct and incorrect info and misunderstanding the way the game works.

We CAN agree that the overall ammo loadout for the Sexton should be 105 rounds and that means the Canadian version with 105 HE and 7 sabot is a bit too high and has now been changed

The British Sexton OTOH does NOT have "just 98 HE" it has the loadout the Canadian version should have 98 HE and 7 sabot = 105 rounds.

That your source says the "a regulation standard ammunition loadout of 87 HE or Smoke and 18 AP" is fine but we gave them fewer "AP" rounds because in the game they are used for indirect fire and 7 AP rounds were deemed " good enough" as 98 divided by 7 ROF gives the unit 14 salvos whereas 87 would give it an odd number of salvos so in this case, it was given a bit more HE than was maybe a "a regulation standard ammunition loadout" but that was a gameplay decision. We could have given it 91 to make 13 salvos leaving 14 for "AP" but we didn't because Sextons are not used for AT work and 7 "AP" for self-defence was thought suitable.

Now we get to that misconception of game mechanics

"Canadian sexton gets 105 HE, 7 sabot, No AP"

The Canadian sexton does indeed have more rounds than it should and not have the same as the Brit and Australian Sexton.....98 HE, 7 sabot

It does not carry "AP" because for indirect fire units "AP" is used for cluster munitions and that is why all indirect capable arty units that also had "AP" rounds have SABOT instead with the SABOT given the correct direct fire range for AT work which will differ from the max fire range it can use for indirect work.

You will no doubt be happy to know the Polish Sexton is indeed set up with a "regulation standard ammunition loadout" but the Brit and Australian unit will not be changed to match and the Canadian version has been lowered to 98 HE keeping the 7 sabot.

It is extremely rare when an OOB "error" is truly a "game-changer" that makes any serious impact at all on overall gameplay and there are so many sources of info that there will always be some difference between them and I have no doubt that even if another quarter-century goes by and this game is still being played that someone, somewhere won't find a source that differs from what's in the game.

Finally. I do not have the time nor the inclination to detail responses like this anymore. There is a fine line between an OC "fan" with WAY too much time on his hands determined to let us know about every "error" he can find in a 13000+ unit database and a passive/aggressive troll determined to expose every perceived flaw in the game to "prove" how terrible our fact-checking has been over nearly a quarter-century of work. These posts of yours do have a sort of "Vendetta" like quality to them beyond just trying to help make the game "better".

Whatever the reality, and it may be a combination of the two, this is getting to the point where a more "final" solution is applied. It's one thing to point out errors and MANY people have over the years but it's quite another to be as obsessive about it as you are and I have Shrapnel games full support.

Take the hint.

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