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Default Error 9 at playoffs info

Hi all,

I have hired several professional programmers and problem solvers to come in and help me look at the code to figure why it gives the "Error 9" at the end of the season before the playoffs. This is strange, because even using a release CD from Shrapnel that I have and installing the patch downloaded from the website, the game WORKS PERFECTLY on my system. Playoffs and all. When I make the playoffs, when I don't make it, hiring free agents, not hiring them, deaths and no deaths, i've played several seasons and had no crashes. And this is the same code you guys are playing.

FRICK. DARN IT! (Well that's not what I said originally. Edited for profanity purposes. )

Which leads me to believe it's a Windows system file problem of some kind. The patch didn't really change any system files, so that seems odd, but there's little other explanation.

I will get this problem fixed most likely in the next few days, so no one needs to think they're stuck or that i'll go "uh oh" and disappear.

I appreciate your patience, my sincere apologies for the problems and thanks!
Stormcloud Creations
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