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Default Re: Movies Always Off

Interesting. This is stored in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Gilligames/Space_HoRSE/PlayMovies. The value should be "true" or "false". The same thing goes for PlayMusic and PlayVoice.

This seems to be the main problem with some people having trouble launching SH after running it the first time. After these values are set, some PC's appear to have a problem accessing these registry values. The odd thing about it is the fact that a few other values in the same key are also used but don't seem to cause a problem. I have worked on converting these three preferences, plus NetworkName and JoinIP to using .ini files located in the Space_HoRSE/system folder. Unfortunately, the two Users that reported Windows 98 problems seem to have disappeared because they haven't gotten back to me about testing my possible fix.
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