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Default Re: MAPs

Judging by existing D2 maps, and noting that Survival provinces are a little tight (icons overlapping in game sometimes), I did some quick guestimations. Using a fair province size of 100x100 pixels, a reasonable size for a 255 province map would be about 1600x1600. Since water provinces tend to be slightly larger and you can have some pretty small land provinces this can vary, but it should be ballpark.

For comparison, the 283 prov version of Faerun is 3210x2130 (6,837,300 pixels!), which is an estimated 2614x2614, with province size averaging to about 155x155 pixels.

Somebody that is better in math (and not as tired as I am right now ) could probably come up with a formula to account for rectangular map sizes.

Is Dom3 giving you as much control over the generated maps as it appears to be? Or are the changes in map size occuring outside the game via your scripting? I'm guessing that you have a script converting the images from rgb to tga?

Let me know what you want. If it gets too specific I will just put yours in a seperate directory for you. I used to do that for a number of Dom2 map developers.
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