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Default Re: Ye New Galactic Bar & Grill & Phong\'s Head Cantina - After Hours

Dressed for the occasion, Mac strolls into the new cantina, aaahhhhh, refreshing place, he picks out a new table near the back wall, reclines in the new reclining table chairs and orders a cappachino. One of the Fluffy Bunnies, walks over and gives him a new menu, of course, mac, being of scientific mentality, does indeed notice the new fluffy bunnies outfits, most gratifying to see not everything has changed from the old place, in fact they appear even better then before he thinks to himself as he oogles the new outfits....

As he's reading the new menu, he observes not ONE BUT TWO Liz Hurly look-a-likes working within the establishment.... Oh my, Oh My, he says to himself as he downs more glycering pills, this is outstanding. Double the pleasure

Mac reads the menu and sees that new cuesine section which includes the old Favorites of pizza, calzones and chili, but now includes Tesco
's and Puke's infamous Sauces, Steak, Various Sushi dishes, burgers & fries, Chips, and a number of new international dishes as well, In addition, he observes that international ales, beer etc have been added to the good old American brewskis and a new wine list... aaahhh, this is better then home.

He also notices a Tazmainian Devel working as a bartender behind the bar swirling & mixing drinks....

After placing his order for some bacon & eggs, orange juice and toast, Mac observes the new Cream Pie automatic dispenser, the automatic robo dog poo scouper, the new improved, exceeding large rose bushes outside the windows, the larger circle bar, the Auto Kat Scratcher in the far cornor, the Gryphin Toe Nail clipper Salon off the side aisle, the raised band platform and dancing area and next to the dance floor a brand new old fashion JUKEBOX with all kinds of tunes, oldies, rock, classic, blues, opera, and more along with a PopCorn Machine. oh my goodness this place is going to rooocccckkkk.

He also notices a very large sign above the entrance.... PLS CHECK IN ALL MECHANICAL/ORGANIC/OR OTHER TYPE WEAPONS AT THE WEAPONS CHECK IN COUNTER PRIOR TO ENTERING.... lot good that sign will do, he chuckles to himself. Mac's food arrives delivered by no less then both Liz Hurly look a likes, he engrosses himself amongst the cuesine and very outragesous sights.... (he also advises the bunnies to put the bill on the Saxon's tab)

Just some ideas Mac

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just some ideas Mac

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