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Default Re: Ye New Galactic Bar & Grill & Phong\'s Head Cantina - After Hours

a large bottle of whisky is placed in front of Trajan with the compliments of the house.. a Liz Hurley-esque FBW is ordered to sit in Mac's lap and wriggle a bit and a large glass of Chablis (no one drinks Chardonnay any more!!) is handed to Gryphin....

the lights in the Cantina fade out, the curtains on the stage (cunningly installed in the side of the Cantina) open, the orchestra launches into the first few bars, a horde of sequined high kicking chorus girls run onto the stage from the wings and a giant staircase is lowered from ceiling.... with a flourish and a grin, and accompanied by two of the loveliest FBW to grace the planet, Growltigga, immaculate in his tailored dinner jacket, tails and tophat, twirling a cane and just looking the rat's nadgers, descends the stair, the crowd go wild and the first chorus of "I'm just a gigolo, and everywhere I go...." sounds over the Cantina...

happy days
Ook ook ook ook OOK