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Default Re: Ideas how to improve WinSP MBT/WW2 !

What I mean to say is, perhaps you should re-consider what you want tosay and then run it by someone who is fluent in English, I would be glad to help. Then re-post it and ask others what they think (suggestions etc) so that more people can get involved.

It might be an idea to PM the mods first (Don and/or Mobhack). If you edit the text into something fluent and legible first and the forward it to the mods then that would be even better.

I know how it feels to type/write in a foreign language, it is a real pain getting your point across.

PM me if you want some help re-formating what you have written thus far.
"Wir Deutschen sollten die Wahrheit auch dann ertragen lernen, wenn sie für uns günstig ist."
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