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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

I sympathise with people complaining about inaccuracies, but nit-picking can be taken too far. For example, after autumn 1941 most Soviet aircraft, including some Lend-Lease types, did NOT have stars painted on the upper wing surfaces. I don't like this inaccuracy, but can live with it. More objectionable IMHO are those stupid black SS objective markers. What's wrong with just the normal Third Reich flag? If anyone can tell me how to remove these SS markers, I would be most grateful.

As for British OB vehicle usage dates, consult Chapter H notes in the Advanced Squad Leader board wargame, For King and Country. I was one of the researchers on the ASL project, and Bob McNamara went to great lengths to get things right. We used a host of sourcs and resources, including the Tank Museum in the days when queries could be submitted free. Happy to help with any queries. Regards Charles
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