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Default Re: Install Problem

We have had plenty of folk saying that they use the game with monitor sizes much greater than 1080i with no problem whatsoever.

Try setting your windows screen size to say 1920x1080 mode and then run the game in windowed mode at desktop resolution. If it works, and it should at that resolution since it's what I use, then up the monitor resolution one step and repeat.

It may well be that particular x/y ratios with your graphic card will work and others may not. Some of the monitor resolutions will appear "squished" so you will have to find the combinations that work properly off the ones your graphics card offer.

My current computer with intel integrated graphics works fine on 1920x1080 mode, but leaves a small band of ~4 pixels unused on the left and right of the game window. The previous one used the whole screen just fine, using the exact same monitor. Graphics cards do different things, unfortunately. Some may allow full-screen mode in 256 colour mode, others will scramble the palette if you try (which your one seems to). That is why full-screen mode is no longer "supported" - windowed mode is more successful due to its using the windows full-colour palettte.
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