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Default Re: Ammunition discrepancies


Unit 157, 'Panzerwerfer 42' game has 10 rockets, actually has 30, carries 2X10 reloads.
This is precisely why everything you write is suspect.

Can you not add 10+10 ?
Do you not know how the game uses rockets?

it carries 20 rockets. You claim it has 10. 10 is incorrect. The ROF is set to 5 so it uses 5 from each weapon line giving it a ten shot launch and it can be used that way twice OR a player, if he so desires, can shut down one weapon line and only fire five at a time which is why it was set up with two weapon lines and a 5 ROF instead of 1 weapon line with 20 rockets and 10 ROF.

Had you said the vehicle currently carries 20 but you have a source that claims it could carry 30 total with 20 additional rounds as reloads then we would have been a place to start. Saying "game has 10 rockets" does not generate the belief in us that what you say can be believed 100% which means everything has to be double-checked and quite frankly the 2 people who are expected to do all the work ( one actually and that is me ) are rapidly losing interest in double-checking endless lists of real or imagined "errors" like this
The system contained 10 missile tubes, and generally carried 20 projectiles, enough for the vehicle to fire two full salvos
10 round launcher on turntable
20 rockets, 10 ready to fire
AND THAT IS THE SOURCE YOU USED TO JUSTIFY IT CARRIED 30 but it clearly states it had 20 rockets with 10 being ready to fire. It does not say it carries 20 reloads plus 10 ready to fire it says 20 rockets, 10 ready to fire and every other source claims 20 total rounds

and that is why it carries 20 total rounds in the game
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