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Default Re: Ammunition discrepancies

I would appreciate it if you would stop misquoting me. I never used the word 'proof', I said 'looks like'.
I also never used the word "Poove" at any point either.

About the Maultier, there are several other models with the 12 racks, I picked the crappy one because it is assembled. There is also a museum exhibit but the footage only shows one set of 3 racks clearly. 20 rockets is fine by me. I don't post all the evidence for my assertions as you have to told me to try to keep my posts brief. generally I only mention an internet source when it differs from what is published, not when it agrees.

"Just 98 HE" means "Just 98 HE(type)", not "Just 98 Total shells".

Thats very interesting about the indirect AP/Sabot, thanks for that.

Sorry to hear you consider me a troll. Not sure why, my posts are polite. Im actually a fan, do you really think Id bother putting up with the abuse if I didn't like the game?(have a read of Mobhacks latest reply about the CS tanks, embarrassing really) I thought I was helping you with your fact checking. As you are fact checking I would have thought you would be happy to hear about game errors, especially those that are easy to fix. A brief response or no response is fine by me.

The "Errors" I list aren't perceived they are largely facts and are about 99% correct. I don't make them up they are from the relevant literature on the various subjects. Those authors have researched their particular subject matter very thoroughly and are often experts in the field. I am just supplying their work for you, so you don't have to buy and read the book yourself, a great saving for you in time and money.

Just for interests sake I use windows in high contrast mode which makes the white backgrounds black and is less stressful on the eyeballs which is why I missed the maultiers second weapon slot having 10 more rockets. Mobhacks dark blue writing is virtually invisible against a black background. I did mention this already, I imagine I am not the only person that uses black paper (High contrast setting, etc)

I would point out that I have Identified two game cheats to yourself in the past. I have identified a third one now as well.
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