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Default Re: Planet Types and Atmospheres Knowledge Base

I made new planet types such as Organic and Crystalline. But I was lazy and did not make pics for them. Simply just copy and renamed them. Both in the Picture folder and inside the StellarObjectTypes.txt. Also add the PlanetPhysicalTypes.txt the planet typs and what tech was needed to Colonization them. Which by the way last time I looked was only 5 that are the most you can have with out need to make it 2 types. Which could be fun if you want to work that hard.

Also add the types to the SystemTypes.txt so they had a chants to be made. So it is a lot of editing in 3 main files. That gets the planets in the system I don't know if the AI know how to use the new tech to play on these planets. Most likly they are not playing with them.

Also I have not figure out how to add the sphere version yet to the game. Also not tested and seen if the creation of the sphere world would gerearate a bug due to not having the such a picture or stellarobject defined.
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