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Default Re: New mod nation: Sylvania, Vampire Counts

New version released: v1.02. I finally decided that even though the unrest dominion was an interesting concept, it was just too painful and too prone to need micromanagement. So I've removed that, and made quite a number of other balance changes.

Here's the changelog:

- Unrest dominion removed
- House of Dust berserk increased to 3 - now have much better combat stats than House of Shadows apart from encumbrance from berserk
- Von Carstein cost increased to 450
- Von Carsteins given less good armour. They are still pretty powerful if used carefully.
- Removed gcost on summons
- Removed domsummon of common animals from Von Carsteins - they now have to use Summon Allies or the spells to get them (didn't really want an animal-based nation)
- House of Shadows bat form only has mapmove 2, explained in description
- House of Dust wolf form only has map move 3, but gained mountain survival and forest survival
- Konrad Von Carstein can no longer change shape
- Made wolf sprites smaller
- Made "Punishment" spell better (halved pop kill, cost 5->4)
- Reduced pop kill of sewer ghouls slightly (best I could do). Now kill 160 population / turn
- Sewer ghouls cost increased from 16 to 20 blood slaves
- Forester gcost increased to 14 (from 13)
- PD somewhat weakened
- Morale on animals was a bit odd - fixed
- Added "Shadow Ravens" spell. Thaum 6 version of Raven Call which has a gem cost of zero but can only target friendly provinces.
- Improved both of the dragon summons. Apart from stat changes, Zombie Dragon is now a commander and Draconic Dragon gained a misc slot.

Hope people enjoy this - feedback greatly appreciated as always!
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