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Originally Posted by BigDuke66 View Post
Yea sorry I didn't know that the units from the OOB can be modified in the game, I though the values from the OOB must match what I see in the game so I wondered why in-game data and encyclopedia didn't match.
Sorry for the trouble.
Nope. In the scenario editor, the designer can alter key unit data if he so wishes.

Once he does that, a "changed" flag is set for the unit in question and the unit data is no longer loaded (refreshed) from the template data in the database. otherwise the scenario designer edits would obviously be lost. Such units are then frozen forever - even if it was just the scenario designer giving the unit a new name that suits him, and it is otherwise "stock".

Stock unchanged units usually update if the OOB data is updated, though sometimes a scenario needs reloading and saving again for this to happen.

The ability to edit unit data for SP lineage games is one of its big strengths, and also the source of many headaches.

Perhaps on a future update I will set the slot ID to -1 for "changed" units so the Encyclopaedia does not work for these. However that in itself would probably cause more "bug reports" than it is worth..

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