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Default Re: Heres a possible bug

>When you say "LAND bin", do you mean the LAND
>office in the store?


>What do you mean by "complete the transaction"?

Well, in the original M.U.L.E., when you went into the "Land" office, the game actually PAUSED. Then you had to mark the land that you wanted to sell, and go back to the "Land" office. If you didn't go back to the land office, you were free to go into any other office and the land was not put up for auction.

>After a plot of land has been listed for sale,
>it cannot be unlisted, but the seller doesn't
>have to sell it during the next auction - just
>set the starting big to a VERY high price. After
>that land auction, then the transaction is
>complete, whether it was sold or not.

Easier said than done. If the game says "Waiting for players" indefinitely... then... well... heheh.

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