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Default Re: 101st Airborne Question

1. The higher the better
Red Bar = Health (Use First Aid to help the wounded)
White Bar = Rest/Food (Use Rest to Eat C or K Rations)
Blue Bar = Morale (Use a better leader to motivate)
2. If someone morale drops (maybe a trooper next to them gets wounded), you may need to get him out of the line of fire and get motivated. Morale drops are contagious, i.e If someone drops to panicked, then others in his LOScan get their morale lowered.
3. Motivation is controlled by the leadership rating not by experience rating. A lower rank can motivate a higher rank. The highest leadership rated soldier has no one to motivate him. Rest and food are his only choices.
4. Search Area increases your chances of spotting the enemy and items (lost bags, weapons, ammo). If you run, your searching is not as effective and you can run into an ambush.
5. I'll need more info. Is the weapon a fully automatic one?
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