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Default Re: MAPs

--makemap XXX Generate a random map with filename XXX and exit
--riverpart X 100 = normal amount of rivers, 0=no rivers
--seapart X Percent of map that is below water level (default=30)
--mountpart X Percent of map that is mountains (default=20)
--forestpart X Percent of lands that are forests (default=20)
--farmpart X Percent of lands that are farm lands (default=15)
--wastepart X Percent of lands that are wastes (default=10)
--swamppart X Percent of lands that are swamps (default=10)
--mapaa Enable antialiasing for random maps
--mapsize W H Set width and height of random map (default=1600 1200)
--mapprov X Set number of provinces (default=150)
--passmount Don't use impassable mountains on random maps
--mapgcol RGBA Ground color 0-255 (default=170 146 116 255)
--mapscol RGBA Sea color 0-255 (default=54 54 130 255)
--mapbcol RGBA Ground border color 0-255 (x4)
--mapsbcol RGBA Sea border color 0-255 (x4)
--mapnoise X Ground color noise 0-255 (default 15)
--borderwidth X Border width 0-500 (default 100)

Outside of this... I can convert formats, alter colors, provide thumbnails, provide a collage of all the thumbnails, offer a variety of compressions, and auto-email.

I can also program changes to the .map file such as adding AIs with alliances, giving the AIs special gods or bonuses, adding monters, inserting special designed provinces, provinding reasonable names to provinces (forest names, ocean names, etc) and doing Dom3 to Dom2 conversions altho I still have to find out if the new terrain numbers hurt Dom2.

There are some DomMap Random Generator features that I miss. That arent in the Dom3 map generator. But I suspect that no one will want to use those maps and would prefer these. Those might still be useful as templates though.

Gandalf Parker
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