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Default Re: Skirmish Save Game Problems

Hi Axelent,

I was able to reproduce the issue. It appears to be somehow related to your region settings, which I assumed to be set to Germany.

I will make a note of this, and it will be addressed in the next patch if there is one, but in the meantime I have a work-around that should work:

- Click Start-->Settings-->Control Panel
- Select "Regional and Language Options"
- Change the drop-down to read: "English (United States)", then click the "Apply" button.
- Now, if you run Land of Legends (or any other program), it will load using English localization settings. Loading and saving should work fine using these settings.
- Once you are done playing Land of Legends, you should repeat the above steps, changing your region and language settings back to their original value. (presumably "German (Germany)")

I understand this is an inconvenience, and I do apologize for that. We strive to make the most stable and bug-free game possible, but this is the first time this issue has been brought to our attention. Hopefully this work-around will at least allow you to save your games if that's important to you, even if it is an inconvience.

If that work-around doesn't work for you, please let me know and I'll try to figure something else out.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and thanks for playing Land of Legends!

Tiny Hero Game Studios
Makers of "Land of Legends"
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