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Default Re: Haida Gwaii 2.0 (lots of changes)

Sombre, thanks for taking the time to look over the units and such! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Originally, Haida Gwaii had 40 because the units that composed the starting force had pathetic gear compared to most other nations, and the force performed at a level of 30 units that a lot of other nations have.

Over the patches one of the units received a significant upgrade to armor, so now it is a stronger force of 40. I don't think I am going to change it, and instead tout it as an advantage of this nation, and a very trivial one at that since a lot of nations have 30 starting units.

The coyote originally had just a "bite", testing the unit revealed that + low stats was pretty terrible. Cost was reduced and the new attacks added to try to make the unit more desirable. I suppose I could take the claw attacks away, and reduce the price further and/or maybe upgrade some of the stats.

Good catch on turmoil instead of unrest, was the wrong choice of words, I will change it in the next edition, as well as consider some coyote changes, if I get anymore feedback.
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