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Default Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy

Y'know... if you were going to have some item that could placate robots that want to exterminate all organic life... how 'bout a "V-GER Probe?"

And to make it poetically perfect, I'd find some way to make a Melodium-clone item called "Star Drek: The Motionless Picture," which of course puts you to sleep for a year, but rewards you with the V-GER Probe afterwards.

{EDIT 1: Well, come to think of it... the V-GER Probe would probably be better as a kind of Kawangi-clone, which could be placated (like the Tchorak) by giving it a "Bald Vegan Chick" creature/item. And maybe the arrival of V-GER could be heralded by finding the "Star Drek" item (like that H item does for the D & P items). Or maybe the Space Whales...}

{EDIT 2: Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to make friends with the Tan Ru anyway. It's contrary to Reason and to the Laws of Nature to suggest that it's possible to make friends with EVERYONE. Nor is it even desirable. "Universal Peace?" How boring is that?}