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Default Re: Warhammer Lizardmen - Join the Communion Commrade

First, thank You rdonj for reminding me of your excellent guide (here). I read it when I first got the mod, but had since forgotten. Maybe I should try to cover some of the other, less guide-covered Warhammer Nations.

As for being the most powerful. Hmm... Maybe my only fighting the AI has colored my opinion of them. It is true they will have trouble with many rituals, but it is a short walk up the astral tree (crystal coins to the rings on your Fourth Gen Slanns gives you S6) enough for all but the really high level astral rituals. E2s can even summon Golems. Also, W2 + bracelet (or a lucky W3) gives Naiads for Water and nature magic.

You are in contention for the water queen (though you aren't concentrating on conjuration early, so don't get too hopeful). A lucky A3 + bag of winds + RoW gives Queens of Air. If you get a very lucky 4 in an elemental (can only be done on a Fourth Gen) you can get fire/earth elemental w/ a ring of Wizardry. Of course, all these worries would be easier if you could summon Third Gen Slann (*hint hint*).

I think the most painful part is not being able to wield Hammers. I would suggest forging with something else (that can hold a hammer) wherever possible. If you took earth on your pretender you could try forge of the ancients, but I'm not sure it is worth it.

As for Dueling, I don't know. They are rather high level, on top of normally operating in a communion, so your opponent needs S4+ to even have a decent chance. If they have an S9 Pretender, well... I will have to think about that (I don't think it is an extreme worry until at least year 2, because who will take an awake S9 pretender?) On that note, you have a lot of Astral gems and your Fourth Gen are guaranteed to cast Dispel. Do NOT let some one else get Strands of Arcane Power.

In my opinion the lizards can take cover under their strong sacreds through the early game (though you will have to be careful about your losses). You shine in mid-game (all those BEs).

Maybe I will look at mage summons and try to get an examination of them written soon. Also, all your Fourth Gen Slann can cast Transformation. This removes their amazing combat potential but also removes their hefty upkeep (unfortunately, most of them have the same slots). You could try for Master Enslave +Pen items to get more mages (especially against Baalz's MA Oceania...).

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