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Default Re: West Germany OOB - unit 074 -- Jaguar-1

Originally Posted by EpoletovSPR View Post
This unit cannot make smoke (for it is available 5 smoke round).

Probably at others "Jaguar" the same.
It is of a class that gets smoke ammo for its main gun, but it has a missile and not a gun.

The smoke ammo is not for smoke grenade dischargers (D key) - but for the X key, (slot 1 main armament smoke shells) which I have tried and it works. But it should not have such smoke ammo to launch from the missile tubes !.

We will need to put in some code to check the slot 1 weapon for an ATGM class weapon, and delete any smoke ammo issued if such is present. (X key smoke uses the slot 1 weapon characteristics - e.g. range)

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