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Default Re: BGC - Holding the line is hard

Close – but no cigar (yet). The enemy succeded in getting two tanks past me at Tilshead. I will try with a platoon of tanks further back as reserve.

Some points to this mission:
- I still find it hard to believe that the Rarden gun cannot hurt the T80. It should be able to inflict a mobility kill? The same thing goes for the AT4.
Yet the Warrior can be damaged by a heavy machinegun??
This brings up the obvious question: Gary, why was the infantry company added at all? I see no other use for them than as cannonfudder?

- The kill ods for dismounted troops seems rather low. One Sabre spend all its 30 MM rounds on a FOO team at close range, without destroying it?

- One of the objectives are listet as preventing the enemy from crossing PL Thomas. But it should be FOB Jack.
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