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Default Re: Dominions 3 A.I. Mod

Thanks guys. This gives me some hope of having a decent battle against the AI. At first the AI is a monster because you really have no clue how to play, but as you learn you pick up on all the stupid mistakes that the AI is making and then, unfortunately, the game gets a bit boring. There is nothing worse than a feeble AI. That's why I loved that mod for FFH2 and GalCiv games. Now those AIs will kick your butt if you aren't careful. The best thing about it is the GalCiv games don't cheat. I've never encountered a better AI than in GalCiv 1 and 2.

Too bad about the limited modding choices. The only thing needed to truly make this game beat the pants off of all the others is a decent opponent.

I'll read some more on the modded nations and will give the House Rules a try. Seems interesting. It's not the first time I had to handicap myself to give a game a fighting chance against me. The last game I had to do that in is Blood Bowl. Now that game makes this AI look absolutely brilliant.

Might have to try multiplayer too, but I hate being a noob Also I'm not really fond of one move a day/week matches. Would rather play it till the end right then and there or at least more than one move for the bigger maps.
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